Updates to the School Store

New things are brewing to give life to our beloved school store. Sadly, she has sat dormant for too long! Jennie (parent of Sunflower Early Childhood student) and I, Joan (parent of a second grader and a Sunflower Early Childhood student), are now taking over the responsibilities of the store and we want to share with you what we have in the works.

To begin stocking the store, we have been reaching out to parents to help make things for us to sell. One way we are doing this is by hosting craft get togethers. Usually Wednesday nights, I will host at my house and anyone is welcome to join me! I have lots of supplies and projects that we can easily get done in one evening! Ms. Theresa is also helping us through her craft nights by encouraging parents to make 2 of that months project, one for yourself, and one for the store!

We would love anyone to host a craft night or morning! If you are inspired by a particular project, let us know via the facebook group (WSSL Craft Group) , weekly newsletter, or contact me with your interest that you want to host a project, and I will do whatever I can to support you! If you already have an online business, etsy shop or small operation, let’s talk! Perhaps you would be willing to donate one or two items to the school store!

This is just the first step to freshening things up! We have lots of ideas up our sleeves! Stay tuned!!

Jennie and Joan

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