The Grounds Committee Prepares for Spring

This is Sarah, half of the Grounds Committee chair (the better half is Rachael), and I’m here to share some of my giddiness about Spring!  It’s almost here!  Really!  I promise!  If you need some convincing, take a peek under the leaves piled up near the Sunflower back door, and you’ll know that spring is honest to goodness on its way.


So why am I extra excited about this particular spring?  Because it means that we can get into the school garden!  It means that we can turn soil into beautiful veggies, fruit, and flowers for the kids, teachers, staff and parents to enjoy!  It means that we can dig in the ground and see what winter has brought to the surface, we can see who has been hiding under the dry leaves, what manner of plants are waiting to poke their heads out into the warm sun and start to grow.  We get to put away our winter gloves and trade them in for gardening gloves and start working on our hard-earned calluses and blisters, proof that we have been making the world a little more our own.  And we get to start dropping seeds into that beautiful soil, seeds that we will tend and water, seeds that will bring us joy when they breach their early home and reach out to show us what they can do.  And we will get to see the kids run.  Sure, they run through the snow and puddles and mud, but there’s nothing quite like running through a garden; in a garden, plants aren’t just below your feet, they’re beside you, and sometimes above you, and often they find their way inside you.  In a garden, we get to immerse ourselves in the growing world.

And what will our school garden look like, you might be wondering?  While we’re still working out the details, there have been lots of words and names being passed around, words like “sunflower house”, “gourd teepee”, and “sensory garden.”  We’re so excited to try out some new things this year, and we’re so glad to see so much enthusiasm in the school community for the start of our growing season!

While I’m writing, I wanted to show some serious love for two seed companies that are helping our garden grow.  Just last week we received an amazing donation from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds, a wonderful company in every way, and they are especially wonderful because they are located in Missouri!  Our teachers were able to choose so many different kinds of heirloom seeds from their catalog, and they sent them all last week; we are in awe of their generosity.  Thank you Baker Creek!

20150219 And just today I received a big box of seed packets of all varieties from Herman’s Garden at Seed Savers Exchange!  Seed Savers Exchange is a wonderful organization that specializes in heirloom varieties, as well as the saving and sharing of those seeds.  They do amazing work to educate and support the preservation of rare and heirloom varieties, work that we hope to support in the school and our community.  They’ve sent some really awesome and unusual varieties that will be fantastic in thegarden this summer!  Thank you Herman’s Garden and Seed Savers Exchange!


Speaking of seed saving, we hope to harvest and dry lots of seeds from our garden this year, both for planting in future years at the school, but also to share with the school community so that the presence of these heirloom seed varieties can grow and continue into the future.

That’s all for now, but be on the lookout for more garden news!  We’re also on Facebook, so check us out at:

Thanks everyone!