Summer Camp

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We offer specialty camps for children ages 3-14.  Join us for active, healthy summer days filled with music, cooking, fort-building, woodwork, crafts, art, nature exploration, creativity, and imagination!

For more information, contact Makena Gray, Enrollment Coordinator, at (314) 962-2129 or




Entering Grades 1-8

Week 1: June 16-20Yoga Mindfulness Camp (Grades 1-5)$150
Week 2: July 14-18Fort Building (Grades 3-6)$150
Week 3: July 21-25Woodworking Camp (Grades 3-5)$150
Week 3: July 21-25Yoga Partner and Partner Dance (Grades 5-8)$150
Week 4: Aug. 4-8Cooking Around the World (Grades 4-8)$150
Week 5: Aug. 18-22Nature Inspired Crafts (Grades 1-3)$150
Discounted total for 3 weeks$425

Early Childhood Camps Ages 3-6

Week 1: June 16-20How Does Your Garden Grow?$150
Week 2: July 14-18Beetles, Bumblebees, and Butterflies$150
Week 4: Aug. 4-8All the Colors of the Rainbow$150
Discounted total for 3 weeks$425


Week 1: June 16-20

How Does Your Garden Grow? for campers ages 3-6

Young children will experience the wonders and excitement of cultivating food.  Join WSSL, Early Childhood teacher, Kelly Riney, as we will spend time planting, tending, harvesting and cooking some delicious herbs and vegetables.  The children will also create some art while “playing with their food”.  Circle time and stories will round out our garden theme for the week.

Yoga Mindfulness Camp for incoming Grades 1-5

Exploring the fun of asana (the physical form of yoga)  through yoga poses and games as well as exploring yogic precepts (the Yamas and Niyamas) through ancient stories rich in myth and metaphor.  Meditation techniques are explored in a fun way with an emphasis on encouraging an open mindset that celebrates growth.  The mission of the curriculum is to enhance and protect the natural mindset – playfulness, joyfulness and respect for feeling through the teachings of the yoga tradition.

Week 2: July 14-18

Beetles, Bumblebees and Butterflies! for campers ages 3-6

Insects are naturally intriguing to young children and during this week of camp the children will enjoy an up-close look at the world of bugs.  Join WSSL, Early Childhood teacher, Kelly Riney, as we explore insects living in the green spaces of our campus. Young ones will create some creepy-crawly art, learn verses and songs during circle-time about our many-legged and winged friends, and hear some insect themed stories, too.

Fort Building for incoming Grades 3-6

Join WSSL handwork teacher Miss Theresa and Ms. Kerry, for nature hikes as we gather materials for handmade forts!  Branches, boughs, adobe,  twine and joinery will guide our construction in our beautiful garden and meadow forts.  Kids will learn about the ideal elements for an effective fort site.  They will see examples of joinery using simple techniques, create models, and by the end of the week, their own forts!  All will join in on the effort of one collaborative structure by the end of the week.

Week 3: July 21-25

Woodwork Camp for incoming Grades 3-5

Become a woodworking apprentice in the WSSL wood shop and learn the basics of woodworking.  On our morning walks we will gather fallen branches to work our magic on.  Saws, axes, rasps, and files will be our tools of choice.  The week will culminate in a special project creating a treasure box.

Yoga Partner and Partner Dance for incoming Grades 5-8

Partner Yoga and Partner Dance:   Through games of lead and follow and being a base or a “flyer” we’ll develop our connection skills.  Kids will learn the basic forms of some partner yoga poses and partner social dances (tango and salsa and swing).  All kids will learn and explore the roles of lead and follow and base and flyer regardless of gender.

Week 4: August 4-8

All the Colors of the Rainbow for campers ages 3-6

Explore the colors of the rainbow with WSSL Early Childhood Teacher, Michiyo Kishi.  During our week of arts, games, stories, and cooking, campers will discover the many colors in nature while exploring in our beautiful meadow and vegetable garden.  Each day we will create wet-on-wet watercolor paintings and have a colorful snack.  Plant dyes will help us transform natural fibers into bright craft materials. Our circle and story time will engage our imaginations as we journey through the colors of the rainbow!

Cooking Around the World  for incoming Grades 4-8

Join WSSL Spanish teacher, Señora Claudia as we cook up food from around the globe.  Each day we will learn about a new country’s customs, cultures, and flavors.  We will then work together in the kitchen to bake, saute, puree, and experiment with cooking food.  Campers will end their day of games and cooking, by eating the lovely lunch they’ve prepared.  Campers will need to bring a water bottle and a snack for the morning.

Week 5: August 18-22

Nature Inspired Crafting for incoming Grades 1-3

Join WSSL handwork teacher Miss Theresa and German teacher Frau Baner for nature walks and stories that will inspire creativity and experimentation as we learn to see and enhance the beauty in our natural surroundings.  Along the way, hands-on activities will  include, weaving, paper-making, painting, assemblage, dyeing, and fiber art.

For more information, contact Makena Gray, Enrollment Coordinator, at (314) 962-2129 or