School Store

Offering a wide selection of high quality natural toys and art supplies, including products from the following vendors:

  • Heartwood Arts – carved wooden toys and blocks
  • Pampa Toys – natural fiber dolls
  • Mercurius – quality natural art supplies
  • Sarah’s Silks – play silks and costumes
  • Nova Naturals – wooden trucks and blocks
  • The Original Tree Swing – swings and castle blocks
  • Magnificent Melissa – Recycled wool slippers
  • Mr. Jent – Hand-crafted wood pentatonic lyres

One of a kind handmade items available from our parent craft group, including:

  • felt crowns
  • nature trees
  • felt puppets
  • mint tea
  • natural dyed play silks

New items added regularly.  Visit our store during school hours, 8am-3pm.  All proceeds benefit the continued development of Waldorf School of St. Louis.