Transitioning from public school to Waldorf Kindergarten: A Parent Perspective

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My daughter, Taylor, started off kindergarten in a traditional public school. My husband and I had done our research, and we were in one of the best rated school districts in the Seattle area. We thought we were set up for the perfect school experience for our children. The year started off okay with her meeting new friends and getting to know her teacher, but it quickly Continue reading


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Spring 2015 Update

We are so happy to be starting a new year in the garden! It’s an exciting time to see so much change around the school, with peeks of green returning after the cold winter, and the kids able to run around in something besides snow pants!

We are working on many different areas of the garden this spring, including new raised beds! The beds are built using lasagna methods, also known as “no-dig” gardening or sheet mulching. On Helping Hands Day, many of our school dads worked hard layering newspapers, manure, compost, leaf mulch, peat moss, straw, and garden soil to make these amazing beds for our classes.

We are also working on our in-ground garden beds, in which we’ll be growing fruits and vegetables for school snacks, as well as flowers and herbs for our local pollinators.

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Grade 8 Classroom Update – Chemistry


Week two of Chemistry is under our belts – quite literally.  One day, we poured nearly 9 cups of flour into tortillas, focaccia, and pie crust.  By noon, most of it had been eaten.  The point of the lesson was to show how gluten alters the texture of breads both by how much there is and by how much it’s worked (kneaded).   I selected an odd pie Continue reading

On the Threshold: A parent’s thoughts on the 8th grade transition

Grade 8 in Grade 1


Grade 8 Class Photo

Written by Karin, parent of children in Grades 1, 4, & 8:

Many people at the school have waited with bated breath for the 8th grade parents to report back on the results of our high school searches this fall. Now that most of the acceptances are in, I can happily report that this class did very well out there. The 8th graders were accepted Continue reading