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Excellence in Reading in Waldorf Education

Get a mother’s perspective on how Waldorf Education approaches reading. With Pam Jefferies, a parent at Waldorf School of St. Louis in St. Louis, Missouri.

A Father’s Discovery of Waldorf Education

Initially skeptical of the Waldorf approach, this father tells why these graduates are more competitive and adaptable in the job market than their counterparts who receive a mainstream education. 

Waldorf Students Create From Within

In today’s world the battle over educational practices is more heated than ever, especially with the knee-jerk reaction to fill a child’s head with knowledge vs. the approach of teaching the child “how to learn” and enjoy doing it. As with most things in the US, it’s a battle between faster results that do less over time, vs. a slower approach that prepares the child for the rest of their lives. Here’s one parents take on it.

How Waldorf Students Stand Out

Practical Advantages of a Waldorf Education