Our Campus

Waldorf School of St. Louis operates on two campuses. 

Elm Campus – Parent-Child & Pre-K – Grade 2

If you have not been to this campus before, be aware that we operate out of two residential homes – we do not look like a typical school on the outside.  With eagle eyes (and Google Maps) you will find us!   Our main schoolhouse is located at 915 North Elm Avenue, but a parking lot is available at 912 Bell Avenue – the flip side of our campus.  If this lot is full, you may also park at Ivory Crockett park across the street.


Tucked away in North Webster Groves, we have created a special and unique campus.  The two schoolhouses are surrounded by a meadow in which there is no jungle gym, but stacked tree trunks, sand pits, and rope swings. Welcoming, home-like classrooms are filled with natural toys and beautiful objects of art and nature, limitless in the eyes of a child.  We experience the change of seasons by watching our gardens and playing outside in the sun, rain, and snow.  Nearby Ivory Crockett Park allows more space to run, play games, and hold classes outside.

We are in the third year of developing our Edible School yard, a large garden used for classroom activities, nature study, and food preparation.

Lockwood Campus – Grade 3-8

We are located at 212 East Lockwood Avenue between Sylvester and Plant right next to the YMCA. From Lockwood Avenue, you can see the WSSL banner outside the school and the address of 204 East Lockwood. Parking is available behind the school building and on the street.

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