Grade 1 & 2 Field Trip to Emmenegger Nature Park

Written by Rachael, parent of children in Grades 1 & 2:

The first time I heard about the trip to Emmenegger and taking the kids on a hike, my first thought was, wow….. this could be a long hike! However, off we went from the traditional path into this amazing part of the woods I had never thought to explore the last time I was there with my family. It was so lovely to watch the children gather into small groups so naturally among the forests’ natural boundaries. There were vines hanging from the tree tops in one area that many of the kids immediately spotted and began swinging, singing and laughing.

Then, another group found an intriguing dead tree that the beavers and woodland animals had been busy working to add to their collection. The kids were eager to help push the tree down which seemed like an easy task at first as the tree was only standing by a much smaller diameter at this point. After a good 45 minutes, they decided the tree had put forth incredible strength and it deserved to stay for other animals of the woods to carrying it on. Another section, several children created ‘houses’ from the fallen trees, intricate root structure that was exposed and limbs lying on the ground.

There were children digging up treasures, old bottles and pottery! It was so incredible to see these sections of the woods take shape into a very special “playground” . They didn’t need any equipment, they didn’t need instruction, they didn’t need ideas, they just needed the space and time to just be together, play and explore!