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Welcome to the Gardens and Edible Schoolyard of The Waldorf School of St. Louis!

What’s Going On Now

Check our Garden Updates section for highlights of what’s happening in the garden.

What is an Edible School Yard?

An edible school yard allows for children to visit the garden with their classes,  having the opportunity to harvest and try foods from the garden.   The children use the produce for snacks in the classroom,  baking, soup making, etc.   In our big meadow there is edible mint and herbs growing all around for them to nibble on while exploring outdoors.

What Do We Plant in the Garden?

We try to plant items to support curriculum.  Our 3rd/4th grades study fibers and ancient grains, therefore, we try to have some of these growing for them to see.  (EX:  cotton, flax, wheat, spelt, sorghum, amaranth, corn, etc).   We also try to have edibles around and veggies or fruit to harvest. (EX:  strawberries, tomatoes, gourds, carrots, green beans, cabbages, lettuces, sunflowers, herbs, etc.)

How Do the Children Help and Learn in the Garden? 

The Children visit the garden regularly, harvesting, composting, planting and observing.   They area able to use the gifts from the garden for seed saving, eating, sharing and cooking.   Our curriculums coincide with different aspects of the garden from botany, cooking, farming/gardening and fiber arts.   The garden also provides a variety of sensory experiences from the different textures for tactile development to heavy work for strength/gross motor development.   Working with the elements of the soil and the growth in the garden gives them a deeper understanding and appreciation for our food.

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