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Waking up the garden with Grade 3


Grade 3 returned to the garden to start preparing the beds for planting.   Shovels, pitch forks and the beloved double wide broad fork were a big hit.   We had winter peas and winter wheat for cover crops that will get turned back into the soil for green manure (using plant material, typically cover crops, which are uprooted and turned back into the soil to serve as soil amendment) to nourish our soil.

Thank you Territorial Seed Company

territorial seeds 1

Although we are deep in the winter season, a little bit of life jumped out of this box!   SEEDS!   I love seeds,  I love spring.  I know we all need to take time to sit back and reflect,  rest and appreciate new growth.  However, this is when it all begins while the earth is deeply sleeping and dreaming of what is to come in a few short months.   Thank you Territorial Seed Company for starting our planning.