10 Point Check List

How do I know if a Waldorf education is right for my child? Use our 10-point checklist to help you decide.

Are you seeking…

  1. A school that considers education a journey not a race?
  2. An education for your child that integrates art music and movement into a classical academic education?
  3. An education that deeply respects children?
  4. An education that reinforces your child’s connection with nature?
  5. An education that nurtures an enthusiasm for learning?
  6. An education that motivates children intrinsically?
  7. An education that nourishes the spirit of the child?
  8. An education that provides active and creative learning?
  9. An education that fosters healthy social development and community building?
  10. A school that challenges the whole child?

Come and see why Waldorf is the fastest growing independent educational movement worldwide.